Shutter Speed

This is a late post, but it’s gonna be a short one.
For those who knows photography, you know what shutter speed means. For those who don’t know, here’s a definition:

The shutter is the mechanism that controls the amount of light entering the camera and the speed in which it does so. 

– Drew, Helen (2005). The Fundamentals of Photography (pp. 38). Switzerland, AVA Publishing SA. 

Before anyone mistakes this post as some photography introductory blog post, I just want to clarify that the reason I used the term ‘Shutter Speed’ as the title here because it seems more title-wise (ohgosh, is there even such term) compared to ISO or aperture. Well, the second reason is because I spent more time during the lesson on the DSLR trying out different shutter speeds.

I swear photography is really fun, of course with the presence of DSLR.

Hopefully I will continue to love my Visual Communications (Viscomm) lessons.

So, Mr. Alvin brought us outside of the classroom to take photos near the pond on a Thursday morning as the heat from the sun above was getting really out of hand. And, me being myself, got really excited (I mean, can use DSLR leh, why no happy? Gosh. I am so loving school). The main point of the so called field-trip was for us to practice our ISO, aperture and shutter speed.

Shutter speed is the coolest thing on Earth. Sometimes I really regretted not getting a DSLR 4 years back.

Let me show-off to you some really good (well, at least I had never taken such visually pleasant photographs ever in my life before) photos from that day.
Okay. Before that, let us spend a moment enjoying this photo taken by Crystal. You might like to crop out the left side of the picture to get a complete 100% pleasant view. You’ve got to admit that Dallies look flawless in this picture. Mr. Photographer and Ms. Model.

It took me quite sometime to adjust my shutter speed, ISO and aperture combination to take this picture thanks to the bright daylight. And guess what, my main point isn’t the flower in front, but the red flower behind. 

 I tried my best to focus on the flower.

 One of my favourite photo taken. Focusing on the 1st and 2nd stalk of flowers.

Love the greens.
And since my title is SHUTTER SPEED, I must of course show you all the magic of shutter speed. 🙂
Ignore the greenery and focus on the water that was being splashed out. You can basically see the water droplets. Not convinced? Scroll further down.

Look at the water droplets that are being splashed out as the water hits the water surface.
Maybe this will look clearer. The effect wasn’t really good actually because my shutter speed was quite low, but not very low of course.
Look at the water droplets across the sky. Whoosh.
And then as it drops…
Then I spotted a butterfly and finally was able to take a photo of it after literally running after it for quite some time.

Hey look! Another butterfly! This time more colourful!
The next two photos will show you the different effects of different focusing.

Focusing on the leaves, leaving the water pool behind as a back drop.

Focusing on the water and the droplets, making the leaves in the foreground a secondary object.
And after an hour or so (?) out there under the sun with the DSLR, we had to call it for the day. But the entire hands-on lesson was really fun and fulfilling! (Heard that we are going to use Photoshop to edit some of these pictures! Hopefully I could survive that lesson. :P)

It’s time to leave. Bye all. 🙂



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