Singapore, Comma

Singapore, Comma.

For those who had been following me on Facebook and Instagram, you will have realised that I’ve been posting quite a number of pictures regarding this exhibition that was held on 15th August.

So, you must be wondering, what’s this exhibition about? Well, it’s basically to exhibit the works of the students from my course, which is Chinese Media & Communications (CMC). Yep, those works are our graded assignments for Visual Communications (Viscomm) and Publication and Design (Pubdes).
Poster for Singapore, Comma exhibition
We took quite some time to set up the exhibition area a day before (Thursday):
Looking through everyone’s magazines.


Trying to put the soft-copies together.


Testing the slide shows.


The covers of the magazines done by the students.
The hard copy of our magazines.


And here’s Rebecca, looking through the works.
So… yep. We prepared till around evening before we called it for the day.
And here’s the actual day!
My class was scheduled to be on duty after 3.30pm but I decided to reach early to take photos of visitors, which I expected there would be quite a few. And at the same time, to upload some ‘on-the-spot’ pictures to share on social media as a form of advertising.
And then, halfway through, we had a special guest…


Yes. Our beloved Susien laoshi was there to support us!!!
I left at 12.15PM for lunch before my final Social Psychology’s lesson at 1PM. YES, MY FINAL SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY LESSON! (Though I need to admit that I actually like that module quite a lot, since it’s like the first module in my Poly life that secures my an A. :D)
 After lesson, I was back again, and this time, to be their so-called ‘official’ photographer. :’D
Yep yep. To take photo of the Principal of NP when he was there. YES. THE PRINCIPAL OF NP!
Michelle and Zeliang showing Mr. Clarence Ti our works, while Cassandra looked on.
And when he left, my camera had only left with one purpose: For everyone to take random photos. 🙂
Let’s me first feature Peiyi. I swear I have a lot of her er… solo pictures in my SD card. :’D
And I was unsure who actually took this picture. I swear I wasn’t fighting with Jon. 😛
Another who deserves to be featured here, Beauwen. (Yes whoever got featured here means… that they appeared too many times in the SD card. HAHAHA). Oh, let me introduce her to you all (I guess this is the first time you see her here), Beauwen is from T02, and as I thought I would be one of the oldest in the course, she beat my age by a year plus. Ohwell.
Beauwen and Yingqian. Yingqian is also from T02, and the one who combine all the slides together into 3 big slideshows (I know it’s tough because the laptop decided to crash on her a few times. Oops.)


Huiqi, Peiyi with Beauwen. Must be Beauwen go photobomb them.


Huiqi with Cassandra. (Cass, you are lucky I decided against uploading your unglams :’D)


T02 girls gathering around to er… discuss about the guestbook. What?


Here’s Jonathan with his mum and brother. Very engaged.


Ya ya. Peiyi helped us to take a picture together.


Here’s one of the most so-called inspirational photo I’ve taken on that day. Okay, maybe not inspirational but meaningful. Not meh, Crystal?


Random shot of students surrounding the reception table.


Not sure who took this but seems like Zeliang wan’t really happy. HAHAHA!


Well… I guessed we have the answer… Me and Zeliang ran away in horror when this Dallies wanted to take a selfie. :’D


Yi Ai (Remember the girl who acted as my daughter in one of the year 2’s production?) came in the evening to support her juniors. Berenice, Jolene, Veron and Sze Jia were there earlier on, when I came running into the venue because I was almost late in taking photographs of the Principal.
(I am laughing now at the fact that one guy was yawning while looking through the works. Perfect timing. HAHAHAHA :’D)


Our superstar-to-be, Siqi signing her autograph. Omg. I am going crazy!!! Hahaha. Yup. This is Siqi, aka Goddess (女神), from T03.


So other than 女神, we also have 男神. Nah, you see, how swag these three are. The 3/6 of the guys in CMC Year 1. (From left, Si Jie, Colin and Zeliang)
Zeliang needs no introduction, I presumed. You’ve seen him around on my blog some time back. Meanwhile, Si Jie and Colin are from T02. Si Jie is like one of the good looking guys around, in my opinion and then we have Colin, the undisputed 男神. :’D
The crowd during the Year 3’s presentation next door.


And Susien lao shi preparing to take selfies with her most beloved selfie stick. :’D


And that’s what my class was doing during the presentation. All looked so damn sian. It has been a long day for them…
Okay. Here’s one of my favorite picture taken. This little girl is sooo cute. I think she’s like the daughter of one of the lecturers. And Ying Qian was playing with her. HAHAHA


Not sure what’s Rebecca is thinking about… hmm…


I swear these two girls look like those who just fallen out of love and like they seem to have lost all hopes in life. Errr… Kinda.


But it’s alright. Because I am so angelic, I bring the light to all darkness. Yay. (Okay, I apologise for being overly narcissistic. Oops~)
 So, the entire event was a successful one with the participation of very single students and lecturers! (I admit I used this as a chance for widening by social circle, but heyyy~ At least I know more of my own coursemates. HAHAHA)
Okok. Here are two very swag pictures to end this post:




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