Lunch at Brewerkz

It was one of the rare occasions that I actually settle my lunch out. I would usually make do with my lunch at home. Last Saturday, I broke my usual routine because I heard that Brewerkz has just revamped their lunch menu recently.

New things mean must try right?

I managed to get Wanz to join me on this food-venture. I realised I haven’t really get to catch up with her over a meal one-to-one since Wild Honey more than a year back. I need to admit I am usually that quiet awkward person in every clique I am in so the only time I really get to speak to my friends are through instances like this.

Anyway, we were supposed to meet up at the platform of Clarke Quay MRT Station at 1.45PM but I was late trying to rush over from my shop. Nevertheless, we still managed to reach Brewerkz before the lunch menu ends for the day. Thank God.

Brewerkz has been around Clarke Quay for years but I have yet entered its compound before. So this marks the perfect occasion to patronise the bar. Apparently, the bar does open for business during lunch time with their set lunch. Guess what? They’ve just revamped their lunch menu so it included main courses like the Lamb Pita, Vegetarian Lasagna, Smoked Salmon Burger and Grilled Chicken Tacos.

Let’s take a quick peek at their lunch menu:

Brewerkz lunch menu page 1

So as we can see from above, the set lunch which consist of soup/salad + main course + soft drink + 1 scoop of ice cream cost just $16.50 (excl. 10% service charge & prevailing GST). Okay, I’ve done the quick math for you, it’ll be around $19.30! Seems quite worth it given the portion and the atmosphere.

So here’s what we’ve ordered:

Wanlin ordered Soup + Grilled Chicken Tacos.

There were bite-sized chunks of Tandoori grilled chicken in the chicken tacos, drizzled with tzatziki sauce. The ingredients were placed on top of two soft taco shells. Although I might be a bit pickier on the texture of the ingredients and the overall taste of the food, I think the presentation of the food needs some improvements. I rather the tacos look less of a chapati with a pile of chicken toppings. It’ll probably do some justice to the taste of the tacos if it actually looks more taco-like.

On the other hand, I went with a bowl of salad and the smoked salmon burger.

The burger is made with smoked salmon, potato, onions, and scallions. It is described on the menu to be crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside, which I think it lived up to its name. One bite down and you can feel the crisp and tenderness of the salmon patty. The sourness of the tartar sauce was just nice to couple with the patty. So overall, the burger tasted great.



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