Moving Towards The Fashion Frontier

This will be my first time trying to do a fashion blog. Yeah, I know that the impression I’ve given to everyone all these while is that I am never on the fashion frontier, let alone trying to act a fashionista. Yes, I am known to many for wearing sports jerseys everywhere I go. But slowly I realised, that as you grow up, when you don’t have that kind of perfect body shape, it’s really important how you dress up for the occasion.

Everyone seems to be amuse when I start changing my fashion sense towards the end of last year. I seems to have caused some people to change the perception of me (in the good way I mean). I enjoy looking at the mirror of myself in better clothings. (Fine, I swear I am really exposing the narcissistic side of me. Wait. I AM always a narcissist.)

Okay, I admit, the main reason is that I suddenly have the fetish for nice clothes.

I’ve been shopping for the past few days and only to come home with some clothes and a pair of shoes. As you can see from the photo posted above, I’d shop at Leftfoot and Topman. I had also actually shopped at H&M on Sunday night, but did not take any picture of the paper bags.

I seem to really fall in love with H&M since my first few purchases there. The good thing of H&M is that they seems to be selling clothes at a cheaper price compared to outside. A-hah, I ain’t no using the term ‘affordable’ because most of the clothes there is still not that affordable to me. :’D However, ever since I start working in December last year and ever since I got my first pay, I enjoyed my trip to H&M because I tend to have a little bit more budget to spend compared to when I was still in JC. However, as I ended my job early this month, I guess this might be my last major purchases for clothes. (Yes, I need to start saving so that I’ll have money in the future for other stuffs, like vehicles and/or property investment.)

Here’s the two shirts I’ve bought from H&M on Sunday. (I apologies for using myself as the model because I can’t afford hunks with perfect body shape to be my models. I am not A&F — Remember the hoohaa they caused previously?)


Was walking around H&M store at Somerset and came upon this one. It looks like something that was kind of  ripped of from the pages of Tumblr. On the shirt, it had some words that goes like this: BRONY HARLEY BROOKLYN WILLIAMSBURG, which just made no sense at all. Well, more and more tee-shirts nowadays features sentences that make absolute no sense to readers. It looks like the words are chosen out of a lottery machine.

There are quite a number of different designs on sale at that outlet but only this design caught my eyes. It looks really simple yet it gives people the Tumblr feeling (the Tumblr feeling means that it looks really really attractive even though it can get really simple).


I know it doesn’t really look black here because of the filter. But it is really black. I was in a dilemma in choosing between the black one and the light blue one (below). Both looks equally appeasing to the eyes.

(Image: H&M)

I eventually decided to choose the black one because I will be mostly wearing a dark pair of jeans and the colour combination will look more legit. I mean, imagine wearing a light-coloured top with a dark-coloured bottoms. The contrasting feeling of your upper body and lower body makes yourself looking like a fashion disaster waiting to happen.  Okay, maybe not that bad. I believe in everyone having a different kind of fashion sense and opinions. To me, I still think that it is important to match your top and bottom without too much of a colour contrast (unless we are talking about the classic white top and black bottoms).

While talking about these two kinds of clothes, we can actually learn how to mix and match whatever is in your wardrobe in order not to let people have the feeling that you have been wearing the same old clothes over and over again. This can prevent you from buying too many clothings that you will need to spend money to buy a new wardrobe. Mix-and-matchin’ is a rather important skill and one wrong match can destroy the beauty of any clothing on you. It’s just like *football jokes alert* matching the wrong ‘Chosen One’ to one of the best teams in the world. It’s a disaster. Maybe not that bad if you are someone who has that body (I mean, pardon me if I am generalising things too much, many people thinks that a person with a specifically recognised perfect body shape looks just as nice in whatever he wears.)

I know many people or the entire fashion world may disagree on this and I will start to be thrown rotten eggs for such a comment I’ve made. Maybe for a person with a round body since young, he is really low in self-esteem. Really really low.

Alright. Let’s not go too far. I really love how my t-shirt and my denim shirt can match each other perfectly well.


For the first time, I looked really good in front of the camera.

While it may not be advisable to couple your top and bottoms with so big a contrast in colours, it seems to be advisable to couple your outer wear and inner wear (I ain’t referring to your undergarments, fear not :P) with some colour contrast in between them. Look at how these two clothes managed to fit each other in. The darker colour on the outside and the lighter colour on the inside. It seems only legit to match the colour in such a manner to prevent from looking kind of weird. Hmm…

And so after H&M, I went around many shops around Orchard for a coat, a pea coat or a trench coat to be exact. It seems that the cheaper shops don’t seems to sell this. Burberry is selling it at over a thousand dollars. Sorry, I am not rich to even afford anything above S$200.

I used my phone to google for where I could get a cheaper coat. And it’s Topman. To me, the price of those clothes at Topman is really up there. I once saw a trench coat at Topman Bugis during the Christmas season and it was S$196. Of course I couldn’t afford it and there goes my chance of owning a trench coat.



And so I went to the Topman outlet at ION and took me quite some time to locate where the coat is. It looks damn nice can. However the price tag makes me hesitate for quite a long while before I decided to get it. I felt really guilty for spending quite some amount of money of clothes so as I was paying, I told myself it’s time to stop buying clothes and start saving for the future.

At least, I still have that conscience.

And since it’s a coat. You can simply wear anything with a lighter colour inside. And definitely, I tried matching this coat to that tee-shirt from H&M earlier on.


And of course I tried to put on my fedora to make me look like a certain Dr. Watson.
(Image: Zimbio)
Ok. Not exactly look alike. :’D
Enough of clothes. Let’s go back to what I’ve bought before buying that coat. I’ve been looking around for a pair of shoes since my current one is on the verge of breaking apart. But finding a pair that I will fall in love with is difficult. Very difficult. It took me like 1 month or two trying to find one until my mum started complaining when will I get it.
So for the N-th time I had walked into LeftFoot, I decided to tell myself it’s now or never. School is opening soon and I need a pair of shoe for school. And therefore, I came across this really red shoe by Converse that looks exactly like what I want and needed.


It was so nice that I fell for it immediately. Such kind of shoes with zips is considered, to me, as one of the more convenient shoes to be worn. For people like me who loves to tie his shoelace till very tight, but lazy to untie it every time when want to take it out, all I need to do is to unzip it and I can remove my shoe with ease. Yup. I can also put it on with ease without having to untie and retie the shoelaces. Really nice. Plus it’s red, my favourite colour. 🙂

Before I end this post and goes to sleep, for those who are interested in knowing what H&M has in store for this season, do grab a copy of their magazine at any H&M stores. I know we are Singaporeans, so since it’s free, just take! Take a look at those nice clothes (ohya, and definitely those nice looking models — nicer than me) and think of how you want to save in order to get those nice apparels. 🙂 Cheers!


PS: I feel so great trying to be fake fashionista. I really respect some of those fashionista who writes articles on fashion. It’s not easy, you see. Just like how I failed in writing Economics essay back in JC, I failed terribly writing fashion essay. Thanks for whoever who read this for tolerating my bullshit. Oops. 😛




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