Virgin Online Shopping Experience

So… after going round and round shopping malls and not able to find what I want, I decided to shop online.
For the first time.
Initially, I didn’t trust online shopping a lot so it took me some time to look for really credible online shops. And Zalora apparently seems to be the one that has the most credibility. It is really important to go around and read about what consumers are saying about each and individual online shop/blogshop.
I need to admit Zalora was the first one to come into my mind when I decided to do online shopping. I don’t know, maybe friends around me were also shopping from that online shop (apart from Taobao). 
Looking at its website, I find that Zalora seems to have better looking men’s shirts and a generally lower price, compared to shopping malls’ shops. The clothes seems really really chio (pretty). I scrolled through the catalogue and I found some clothes that suit my taste.
I then decided to try online shopping for the first time in my life.
I chose 3 shirts that caught my eyes and buy it.
Thanks to being a NTUC Nebo member, I was entitled to a 15% off and also free LINKPOINTS! YAY.
As I filled in the payment and submit it, the gush of excitement filled my body. I SHOPPED ONLINE FOR ONCE.
Now I seems to understand the thrill of buying things online. The kind of anticipation is real. According to the website, they said that the parcels, containing my orders, will be delivered within three working days. That means, I would be getting my stuffs just before this weekend! (Since I ordered it on Monday night)
On Tuesday, they send me the notification through my e-mail that the parcel has been packed and shipped out, meaning, I will be getting my stuffs within the next two days (depending on how fast SingPost’s going to deliver my parcel).
On Wednesday, I waited for any postman to come and press on my doorbell. I went to bed that night with the exact same anticipation. I was praying it would as least reach my doorsteps by the next day.
On Thurday, which is today, I waited the entire morning and afternoon for the parcel. But no. No one send any parcel to my doorstep. I gave up waiting and went out to do my stuffs. I was still hoping the postman would deliver it to my house when I was away (At least my parents were at home to verify the delivery for me).
I came back, with the ecstasy of having able to collect my MacBook from repair, I almost forgotten about the parcel. Nope, it wasn’t here yet. No postman has delivered anything to my house even when I was away. I thought to myself, “Maybe tomorrow.”
During late evening, as I was having my sushi for dinner, someone rang my doorbell. I was puzzled. Who could that be? Is that my parcel being delivered to me? No wait, it’s late, since when postman work until so late? I peek through the peephole, and noticed a rather tall guy standing just outside my doorstep. 
I opened the door, nevertheless.
It was a neighbour living at the 10th level, passing me my parcel of clothes that have been sent to the wrong unit.
I was elated. Almost jumping for joy. I received the parcel from him and thanked him for actually verifying the parcel for me and actually return the parcel to me.
That was some thriller I swear.
I was lucky to have good neighbours to are honest enough. That’s pretty sums up the characteristic of my lovely neighbourhood. *thumbs up*
My first ever Zalora parcel!
Actually, to be honest, I was expecting it to be in an ugly SingPost box. But hey, that’s a pretty legit plastic bag! HAHAHAHA!
Since I just took a shower not long ago, I decided to try on the clothes, to see if it really matches me (You know, I use agar-ration when choosing the size of my clothes online. Since I am able to fit in ‘M’ size clothes in both H&M and Uniqlo, I presume that I would be also able to fit in any ‘M’ clothes.)
I didn’t believe that my virgin online shopping experience would be so smooth.
I am so happy that I decided to share on the blog what I’ve actually gotten myself.
1. Floral Denim Collar Polo (from EZRA by ZALORA)
I chose this polo tee because of it’s floral design. And also because of it’s colour. Not that I am a fan of light blue but I don’t remember having a proper shirt in that colour. 

HAHA. Stop judging me will you. I just love to take photos of myself wearing really nice clothes. I mean, look at my face and figure, I won’t ever get a chance to become a model or anything like that, so why not I be my own model for my own clothes. :’D
In my honest opinion, other than the collar looking really attractive due to the floral design, the material of the polo tee is just the usual pique cotton (which means it will look better if ironed. :)). But it still fit me nice. 
2. Short Sleeve Chambray Shirt (from 24:01)
For a moment, I thought I’ve bought myself yet another denim clothes. But after opening the packaging and feeling it’s texture, it’s actually chambray. I seems to light dark coloured clothings because maybe I am a dull person? HAHA
One will realise I’ve bought collar shirts and no t-shirts. The reason is because I seems to look more smart-casual and more presentable in collar shirts. 😛

3. Boat Pattern Short Sleeve Shirt (from EZRA by ZALORA)
Coming from Zalora’s very own brand, so I was really confident about it’s quality (another reason is because this shirt costs more than the other two individually). The moment my skin touches the fabric, I feel in love with it. This is probably my most favourite buy out of the three. The texture just feel so smooth and silky (Unfortunately, I don’t really know what kind of fabric it’s actually made from).

I swear I look really good in this (NARCISSIST ALERT!) :’D
I am really happy with the goods I’ve received. The delivery is considered fast, given that it’s from an online shop. The goods are of quality.
At least I know, this will not be the last time I am going to shop online (Esp. at Zalora). Cheers! 😀



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