BFF No Matter What


Here’s something for those who are a huge fan of LINE, and especially for those whose everyday life just revolve around the usage of LINE! LINE POP-UP STORE IS BACK IN SINGAPORE AND IT IS MAKING A GRAND APPEARANCE IN 313@SOMERSET because of their #BFFNoMatterWhat collaboration.

That means your favourite LINE characters will be there to interact with you, take photo with you. I swear they are more huggable than your partner. Er… I mean, your boyfriend or girlfriend not that fluffy right? HAHAHA

Now you got the feel to hug these fluffy mascots hard, so here are the details!

Level 1, Atrium
Meet the lovable Cony and Brown mascots
12 & 19 Jun, Fri : 7pm
13 & 20 June, Sat : 3pm & 7pm
14 & 21 Jun, Sun : 3pm & 5pm


Cheers with the Stars
13 & 20 Jun, Sat : 5pm, L1 Atrium
Xu Bin, Aloysius Pang and Kimberly Chia will join Cony and Brown to spend an afternoon of games and fun.


8 Jun – 5 Jul, L1 Atrium
Pose and snap your best shot at our LINE FRIENDS Summer Walk of Fame, and stand to win $100* 313 shopping vouchers and LINE premiums*. Simply post your pic on Instagram with hashtag #313BFF.

Eh got three events for you to hug them, take pictures and at the same time…

EH? Did I see got Xu Bin, Aloysius Pang and Kimberly Chia?!

Xu Bin (Image: Noontalk)


Aloysius Pang (Image: Noontalk)
Kimberly Chia (Image: Noontalk)

Handsomes and pretty are coming down so no reason you lepak (laze at home) at home drink coffee right
And feeling envious about your peers getting chances to be in close contact with them (Well, considered closed since there is no such barrier called TV screen that separates you and them).

If you are busy and couldn’t be part of the first two events, don’t worry! The third one is for you! (And for me too to be honest HAHA)






Anytime from now till 5 July, you just need to head there and take photo with these very cuuuuute mascot at the LINE FRIENDS SUMMER WALK OF FAME. You can do your #ootd or #selfie there also can and remember to upload to Instagram (I am sure all of you are addicted to this thing), but remember to also tag #313BFF and stand a chance to win $100 shopping voucher from 313@Somerset and LINE premiums.
Upload photos to Instagram and may got chance to win voucher, no need wait already.
Even my hands also itchy, you see:




Nah, just hope you wouldn’t me like me, also kena punched by this Moon. ><


Ahh~ That means you little fans of LINE and their mascots can get to buy related items back home, be it files, keychains or even PLUSH TOYS (OMG~)

You see the amount of people there! Heard that more are lining up outside! Better don’t waste this chance uh!


‘Further discounts for LINE User’
Swee lahhh! Heng got use Line 😀


Clothes for sale!


Mini Plush Dolls. Miniature yet cute.


I think it’s time to replace the pillows with this…


Ehh~ Can hang on bags ehh




I need to admit I fell immediately in love with Cony.


Cony says HI!


More shirts


A Brown shirt… Not literally but… oh wait.


Mugs for mugging. (Do I even make sense)


More cushions. I saw them replenish the stocks quite a few times when I was there. I think you’ll need to rush down quickly before these cute little things go out of stock.




Stationary sets for you students!
Actually adults also can buy uh. (Sorry, that stereotype from me :P)


Dont they look compatible?!
DAMN SWAROVSKI! I was immediately attracted to the designs once I saw them. So exquisite and beautifully made. Heard that it was so hot on sale that they only allow two pieces of jewellery per customer. So if you want to get all 6 designs, BRING YOUR FRIENDS ALONG!

I think all the push toys are so cute that I find the need to take a selfie with them 😀


Alright. Pardon me trying to act cute there! But hey! Don’t want buy also just come take photos lahhh! HAHAHA

Heard that if yall want more updates on the event, can follow 313@Somerset on their official LINE account!

And before I end this post, I must really thank 313@Somerset for bringing LINE Pop-up Store to us because you know, it’s important to look at cute stuffs and interact with cute fluffy things. (Hope that doesn’t sound weird though :D)



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