Domino’s 4 Flavours On 2 Pizzas

I am going to blog about pizza. I’d love to blog about everything that’s no so common in my life, so what does eating pizza makes it so uncommon in my life? The thing is that I’ve never seen so many pizza at one go nor have eaten so many different kinds of pizzas before.
I finally know what’s the definition of happiness.
28 October. I was down at the Domino’s Pizza outlet at Kovan on the invitation from The Influencer Network (TIN). Being back along the streets of Kovan indeed brought me back some memories. Memories of when I was still studying back at Serangoon JC. I could still remember going there for pizza once after school last year (thought my memory failed me on who I actually went there with).
Of course, walking into Domino’s Pizza, you will get to see this really obvious logo on the wall of the shop.


Eh? What did I see on the banner right here? 4 Flavours On 2 Pizzas?
Sialah. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of such idea.
And so this lady here kindly explains the details of the pizza chain’s latest deal.
And of course we were all listening attentively. BECAUSE WE WERE TALKING ABOUT PIZZA RIGHT HERE!
Brochure for Domino’s 4 Flavours On 2 Pizzas
I swear this is going to be the sex for pizza lovers, especially people like me who takes an eternity to choose between the different kinds of flavours offered.
Especially when there are 28 unique pizza flavours available for selection at Domino’s.
With the ‘4 Flavours On 2 Pizzas’ deal, we can simply just mix and match 4 different flavours on 2 regular pizzas from only $22, making it Half and Half pizzas! (Of course in order to make some sense, the sauce on the same pizza must be the same) The other good thing about this deal is that previously, there was a $3 surcharge imposed on the Half and Half Pizza but now, IT IS ABSOLUTELY FREE.
Talking about the sauce… After the introduction of the deal, all of us present there were given a small little game to play (But personally, I think it used much of my brain juice).
So the 13 of us present were divided into 6 pairs to play this challenge.
So firstly, the pair were to taste a random sauce and guess what sauce it was.
There were 6 different sauces (apparently these are the unique sauces you can choose from for the base of your HALF-HALF PIZZA:
– Pesto Passion Sauce
– Top Secret Sauce
– Sweet & Spicy Sauce
– Napolitana Sauce
– Smoky BBQ Sauce
– Signature Sauce
I was paired with Fif Phan, a fellow blogger, for this. At first, during our turn, I had the honour to be the one testing a random sauce (there was, I think 4 sauces left?). But too bad, for a person who seldom eats pizza and Domino’s, I sucked at that. Despite BBQ Sauce being taken by a previous pair, I still strongly thought that what I’ve tasted was BBQ sauce.
I gave up.
Fif took another sample and SHE GOT IT SPOT ON. ALAMAK.
Napolitana Sauce. Made with fresh tomatoes, chopped onions, garlic and herbs, I was amazed by the taste of the sauce when I decided to try it out. It’s like the kind of flavour I want it on my pizza or any other carbohydrate-filled food.
So after every pair had gotten their sauce, we were given the names of different kind of crusts and toppings. What we had to do was to just simply pick our favourite crust and then the 2 toppings we want (since it’s a HALF and HALF pizza), and thn there we go, our very own personalised pizza. (Yep, that’s how you order your Domino’s pizza, to my enlightenment!) And then, haven’t finish yet. We were supposed to come out with a storyline about the pizza that we’ve ‘created’.
Choosing from 6 types of crusts (Classic Hand-Tossed, New York Crust, Crunchy Thin Crust, Cheese Burst Crust and Cheesy Crust) and 5 types of toppings (Napolitana Chicken, Romano Margherita, Diavola Beef, Parmagiana Chicken and Portofino Prawn) to go with the Napolitana sauce we’d gotten, we are spoilt for choices.
We don’t even know what to choose.
But eventually, we came into consensus after n minutes of discussion. New York Crust with Romano Margherita and Parmagiana Chicken served with Napolitano sauce.
As for the story, being not so creative in making something out impromptu, I created one of the most bullshit story I could ever come up with in the history of Eddy’s literature. Oops! (Nah, Me ain’t going to share the story here because it makes practically no sense at all.)
Oh, before I forgot, the best story got to walk away with 20 Free Domino’s pizza (of course in the form of voucher, if not I doubt anyone is capable of bringing 10 box – since the free dominos vouchers are being shared among the winning pair – home without any proper transportation). BUT HEY!!!! FREE PIZZAS LEHHHH


And then, the best speaker walks away with this specially made apron.
After everyone’s done with their discussion and coming out with creative stories after stories, it’s time for all of us to present our story. AKA STORYTELLING SESSION.
From left: Catherine (aka SG Complain Queen), Vivian and Melissa.


Dee and Tselyn.



Carine and Sam.


Quan Mei and Claudia.
And of course, there’s Fif and myself. (I looked more like giving a General Election rally HAHAHA)
And after the storytelling session, THE FOOD WERE FINALLY SERVED! OMG!
For the whole of my teenage life (seems quite appropriate since my teenage years’ going to vanish in thin air soon), I had never seen so many pizza lining up in front of me, like right in front of my eyes. The picture above DOES NOT show the full story. This is just two out of the many pizzas being served to us.
Just look at the table. You’ll just have a gauge on how much FOOD there were. LET ME INTRODUCE SOME OF THE PIZZA AND FOOD! (I must admit my stomach is growling right now HEHEHE)
Chickensaurus and Alfredo Prawn.
Both are part of the ‘First Class’ portion in the menu, so basically a combination of two first-class ingredients makes the entire half-and-half pizza seems classy. The onions, red peppers, pineapple and prawns of the Alfredo Prawn half of the pizza coupled with the mushrooms, roasted chicken and chicken ham of the Chickensaurus half makes it so splendid. I mean, as a person who loves chicken meat and prawns, I am fancied by this combination. I GET TO EAT BOTH KINDS OF MEAT AT THE SAME TIME. The adding of Mazzarella Cheese on it just bring out the taste of the entire pizza even better. AND, for all you cheese lovers out there, there are really quite some amount of cheese added.
It is definitely a greater thing than the simultaneous equation.


Basilico Chicken.
A Classic selection. With mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and onions coupled with roasted chicken (<3) on Pesto Passion Sauce, I could only use one word to describe: marvellous. You can see they are not stingy on the ingredients used, I could taste chicken in every single bite, be it big ones or small ones.


Valenciana Mushroom and Prawn Sensation.

Another half-an-half pizza combination. Here, it’s where Valenciana Mushroom meets Prawn Sensation. Where an all-time favourite meets a first class. This is like where almost every single ingredients meet each other. Mozarella, Pamesan, Mushrooms, Onions and Spinach on the Valenciana Mushroom side and Succulent Prawns, Marinated Italian Herbs and Spices, spinach, juicy cherry tomatoes and onions on the Prawn Sensation side. I swear this is a sensation.

Hawaiian Paradise.
An All-Time Favourite topping. 100% Mozzarella Cheese with Succulent Smoked Chicken Breast, Chicken Ham and Juicy Pineapples on Signature Sauce. For those who love Hawaiian pizza, THIS IS FOR YOU.
 Obviously, Domino’s does not only sell pizza. These add-ons, like meat-balls (S$8.80) and Golden Roasted Drummets (6 pcs at S$7.80) are definitely necessary to complete your satisfaction!


AND AND AND!!! I must mention this. Your meal is not considered a full one without dessert (Right, Adam Oh? If you are reading this). MY FAVOURITE! The Chocolate Lava Cake (S$4.80)!
Look at the chocolate flowing out from the cake. It’s heavenly. It kinds of remind me of the chocolate fountain I saw back at Genting about 8-9 years back. Some of the bloggers even went to take video of Sam cutting the Lava Cake (Which I kind of regretted I didn’t, if not I need not use too many words to describe the wonderment and awe. I mean, a picture speaks a thousand words, a film clip, a million). The moment I placed one spoon of the cake into my mouth, the mixture of the surface of the cake and the chocolate fillings just melt so well, stimulating my taste buds to want more of it.
While we were trying our best to finish as much food as we could, the winners of the game we’ve played earlier on was being announced.
Tselyn and Dee’s story won them 20 FREE PIZZA. WAAAA!!!!!!!
And the best storyteller… Sam! HAHAHA And then he sort of like became the mascot for the outlet. HEHE ^^
Before we left, we managed to get some group photos together!


I would like to thank Domino’s Pizza and The Influencer Network for inviting me to my first ever blogger event. It is definitely a great exposure for me and to able to meet many other bloggers to have a pizza feast together, it’s a blessing. Everyone is so nice and despite me being an awkward turtle in the beginning, I eventually opened up after noticing that they are so outgoing and fun! Thank you all of you for making this a memorable event for me. 🙂
Here’s a three-of-a-kind before I end this post:
Apparently, we were all wearing shades of the same colour. HAHAHA
Disclaimer: Images credited to The Influencer Network and myself.
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