Getting the Perfect Hair Cut at YOON Salon Over the Weekend


As we head into the weekend, I know some of you ladies (and gentlemen, of course) are looking to refresh your look ahead for the fourth quarter of this year. Don’t think I don’t know that some of y’all transform your crowning glory as if it has four seasons. So yes, if you are tired of your current post-circuit breaker look, it is time to make use of this weekend to do something about it.

Oh, and as usual, I have lobang. I have lobang for everything. I mean, that’s one reason why is still present despite the over-saturation of content in today’s internet and social media world.

YOON SALON: A Salon With Experience

While there are a lot of salons across the island, it is very difficult to find one that can really cater to your personal needs. A lot of the salons do not offer consultation services before starting your cut or treatment, so you are unsure of what kind of style is really suitable for your face shape. Some looks might look nice on others but you might look terrible sporting a replica of that particular look. As much as possible, I always rely on professional and dedicated hairstylists for advice so that I don’t ‘spoil’ my looks. (Very bhb, I know hehe)

Visiting Yoon Salon

YOON Salon has emerged as a leader in the hair service scene in Singapore. With a team of highly experienced stylists, it is definitely a go-to for anyone who is looking to get their tresses done.

They offer a large range of services including their Premium Hair Cut, Colouring or Creative Colouring for your tresses, Perming, Rebonding and Creative Hair Shaping.

For the Premium Hair Cut, the professional hairstylist will be in consultation with you regarding the kind of hairstyle you are suitable for. The stylist will personally assess the shape of your face – be it square, oval, diamond, long, or heart shaped before recommending the style that best suits you. Once you have settled on the desired style you want, the experts will unleash their handicraft and utilise their vast range of techniques such as wedge, graduated, blunt and layered cuts to make sure you received the best type of cuts for your preferred look. Fret not, you will receive the best technique for your chosen cut from the most experienced team you could ever find.

If you are looking to stand out in the crowd, go for the Premium Hair Colouring service. There is a large variety of colours available, all of which are rich and long-lasting and the ability to protect, strengthen and replenish your locks. The  dedicated professional assigned to you will choose the best colour mixture for your look to ensure that the tresses are of a natural, high-quality and vibrant shade.

Of course if you are looking for multi-tone, highlighting, ombre and balayage type of colouring for your crowning glory, go for their Premium Creative Hair Colouring services. You would not need to worry about how negative effects colour dying will do to your tresses because the salon uses high quality dyes that will lock in moisture and colour, ensuring that the texture of your strands are well protected and that the dyes have a long lasting effect.

For those of you who are looking to styling your tresses to another level, where a basic cut or colour are not sufficient for you, the Premium Hair Perming and Rebonding services are other options you would not hesitate to consider. The perming service offered here allows you to sport the Korean C-curl or S-curl and Wave look, should you be interested to look like your favourite K-pop/K-drama idol. I know some people had the experience at other salons where their perms ended up looking fake and unnatural, the results you get from this place might surprise you – in a good way. With the help of an oxidising lotion, your perm will be strengthened, hence resulting in long lasting and smooth curls. The technology and methods adopted by the studio are set to make your perm look soft and natural, resulting in smoother and bouncier curls at the end of the treatment.

Their rebonding services also result in a similar effect. While preventing your strands from breakage, your locks will feel much more moisturised and nourished. If you are looking to achieve a silky, shiny and sleek crowning glory that is worthy of its name at the end of your rebonding, the excellent treatment provided here has the ability to meet your requirements.

YOON SALON: Combating Problematic Tresses

Yoon Salon provides solutions to hair issues

Not only can you get the perfect cut for your tresses over the weekend or if you’re lucky, the long weekend, but those with any concerns for their locks will be pleased to hear that this is also one of the best places to get treatment for your locks done. The studio offers Hair Defrizzing Treatment that helps with defrizzing, repairing, and strengthening. Using the professional-grade treatment, it will help to repair, smoothen, and strengthen the cuticles in your strands. In order to ensure that your treatment has a long-lasting effect, the experts at the studio will be providing you with four weekly boosters for your locks. At the end of the day, your strands will achieve a silky, glossy and strong texture that many will envy.

As someone who has been troubled by scalp issues, consider looking into their Hair Regrowth Treatment. Whether you are suffering from oily, dry, sensitive or loss of tresses due to scalp issues, the professionals at the studio will be able to assist you in any way possible, ensuring safe procedure with visible results. When you first embark on the treatment, the professional stylist will conduct a thorough exfoliation on your crown, focusing on your follicles. This will help rid your scalp of any build up of dead skin cells and reduce the congestion that contributes to your scalp issues. Next, to hydrate, balance, and encourage growth of your strands, a PDT treatment will then be done on your scalp. Your gentle yet skilful professionals will massage your head to stimulate the lymphatic tissues and promote circulation. Lastly, you will have to return to the salon for weekly scalp boosters for four weeks to ensure that the treatment achieves an enduring effect.

So, over this weekend, whether you are looking to sport a new look or to fix your hair or scalp issues, do make a reservation via their website or give them a call.

And the most important thing to note is that they are currently offering a 1 time session at a special rate of S$28! So, what are you waiting for?

Make a trip down to one of their three outlets in town:

Yoon Salon outlets across Singapore

All three outlets are open from 1100hrs to 2100hrs from Monday through to Sunday.